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Remember when I started this blog? Back in 2018 I think. What a dramatic process that was. Not gonna expand on that but if you want to play guess, you can read this post just right there. My blog is gonna be 2 years old next February, can you believe it?! Anyway, back to this article… Which will talk about that wardrobe staple that is a  wholesale clothes .

So why was I talking about the pasta again? Ah yes! Because when I started this blog, and after I fully made the switch to fashion blogging, I dedicated a blog post on my love for a maxi dress I had bought back then. And for maxi dresses in general.

I might have written on them again and wholesale  wholesale jacketmoose knuckles  , in some lookbook and such. And I am coming back today with another lookbook dedicated to maxi dresses and how perfect they are for fall. The main argument in their favor is that you do not need to shave your legs since the dress covers them!

I have a weird relationship with denim. It’s a mystery for me too, as I can’t explain it. First, I don’t really wear jeans. My reasoning is that they are a hindrance to my freedom of movement. I do not think they are comfortable. Or that they suit me well for that matter. And even though I do think denim looks great and that I very often see pieces that I would love to be able to pull off, it never really works.

For example, I had spotted a gorgeous denim boiler suit in Primark. Love at first sight. I already had ideas of outfit with it. Turns out, it did not suit me at all. Thus, I sort of gave up on denim. Until I went shopping with my grandmother before moving to New York and that she spotted the dress below.

It , with frills, a wrap maxi dress belted at the hips. And sure the v-neck cleavage is something, however, I had to admit that for once, denim suited me quite well! What do you think. And since it is a fabric that is thicker than your usual summer dress, it is also the perfect maxi dress to make the transition to autumn when summer is just about to end!

The items featured in this post have for some being gifted to me by Shein (and will be marked as such). You can still get 15% off your order with my code 9TEA

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